Welcome to Toronto Shabby Chic! This is our very first post and I want to introduce who we are.

My sister and I started buying small pieces of furniture about a year ago and lovingly restoring them and painting in the shabby chic style. We made SO many mistakes along the way but we laughed our way through it all and repainted and repainted until we were happy with what we had done.

We checked out the trendy “Queen Street West” Shabby Chic stores in Toronto and although they had beautiful pieces the prices were over the top expensive. We started sourcing antique stores in Cabbagetown and all over Toronto and had so much fun getting to know the store owners. We finally had a nice collection of furniture all stored in my sister’s garage and took a deep breath.

Okay, we can do this we told each other…

We called ourselves “The Stripper Sisters”!

Long story short, a year later, my sister now is known as “The Sassy Stripper” and I am known as “Toronto Shabby Chic”. We still work on certain pieces together but Sally (Sassy Stripper) does mainly the bigger pieces whereas my small living space limits me to smaller pieces that I can work on on my tiny balcony.

Both of us have been able to maintain good pricing because we do not have a storefront to pay for. We only buy pieces that we would love to own (and very often we finish a piece and decide to keep it for ourselves).

Delivery is available in the GTA for our pieces.

Thanks for coming to visit my site. I will try and keep you posted daily as to which pieces we are working on.

My sister, Sally has a Facebook Group Called The Sassy Stripper and Toronto Shabby Chic has a Facebook Page. Click on either link to view.



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